Cage Free Sitting Services

(Initial Meet & Greet is always complimentary)

Dog Daycare in a Home style Setting
with Bed & Breakfast Options instead of Late Fees

Does your family pet need time away?

Looking for a Clean, Safe, Dry Venue with Healthy, Registered Regular Guests

Available on Short Notice with a Text or Call?

We offer Toys, Treats, Puzzles, Seasonal Games, over 20 Agility Features,

Wadding Pool, Carpet Mills, Shaded Deck &

Sunny Extended Patio overlooking

 our Pond, Nature Station and Exercise Pen along with Basic Skill Sessions

 for your pet to enjoy on a volunteer basis throughout the day.

Bed & Breakfast Options Available

 for those Late nights at the Office or those All Night Study Sessions.

Overnight stays include, all the amenities of our Daycare, Plus private dining, individual exercise and personal sessions, tailored activities and personal attendants

All in an air conditioned/heated, home environment with plenty of couch space, beds and hugs.

Ideal for the small, shy, elder or active companion.



Dog Day Care

Save your home and let your pet practice at our House!

Flat Daily $30/Day or $5.00 Hourly Rates Available

Includes socialization with other Pets, Children in a Household Environment

House Training, Socialization, Lead Practice  and Learning Activities

$5/Hour Play Groups

Convenient, affordable and fun - Give your puppy something to look forward too!
No more guilt and stress about leaving your pet behind - give your pet a social life!
No worries about dirt, mud, rain, snow - our Patio Play saves you grooming fees also!
Call Now and schedule your Play Time to ensure availability.
Approx 2-6 dogs at anyone time, but 2 dogs always available to play.
Great option for Family Night, Game Day, Parties and more!


Limited Openings Available - Updated Shots  Required

Payment Due at Drop-off.

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Do you:

  • Think your dog might need a friend?
  • See signs of restlessness, circling, licking, over barking?
  • Want your puppy to ignore the garbage, toys and wires or cables in your house?
  • Want to ensure your furniture, shoes, laundry and carpet are safe?
  • Feel guilty about leaving your new puppy?
  • Worry about your pet when it's alone?
  • Wish your Pet could play, rain or shine with or other puppies without a messy coat?
  • Wonder if your pet gets enough exercise, both physically and mentally?
  • Wish you had someplace to take your friend that was safe, reliable and fun?
  • Looking for someone to care for your pet just like you would? -

Think of Oz Will Pet Service -

Cage Free Private Dog Care  -

We're Family Caring for Family!


We are: 

Reliable - Our Cage Free Service has been in place 7+ years at this same location.  We are a  local family of five, with 3 boys (20 yrs, 16 yrs and 14 yrs.) and 2 dogs (Sparky a 8 yr old male, neutered Border/Basset approx 45lbs and Lilbit Rowdy is a spayed 6 year  female Pom. Mix.- approx 22lbs), who enjoys the company and companionship of our canine friends.  We are usually flexible for our Regular guests and can work with short notice or changing schedules, just give us a call.

Reassuring  - we will work with you to develop limits and boundaries in a home environment for your best friend or new puppy and continue your routine to assist in quick results.   For personal pets, our offering of a custom canine environment geared towards a safe play paradise is ideal for guests looking towards companionship and a familiar cage free home setting to enjoy while their owners are away.

Reasonable - compare our Flat Inclusive Rates, No Late Fees and Complimentary offerings (Free Meet & Greets, Call Ahead, Door-to-Door options, Cage Free Custom Care, Agility/Pool/Seasonal Activities, Family Setting) to other facilities and you will find we provide comfort, security, and familiarity in an actual home environment, while ensuring stability and safety for your best friend.



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