Our Email is:  OzWillPetService@yahoo.com

All Services are by Appointment Only.
Please Call or email us to Reserve your dates.

Our Daycare Hours are:
 7am to 7pm - Monday thru Saturday
 1pm to 7pm - Sundays

Drop-offs available 7am or later - Weekdays only.
  • Expandable Hours Available by Request only
  • Bed & Breakfast Options available - just ask!
Overnight Stays:
  • Drop-offs & Pick-ups are available 8am thru 7pm - Monday thru Saturday
  • Sunday Hours are 1:00pm to 7:00 pm only
  • Please contact us if you are unable to arrive by 7pm on your scheduled pick-up day.

Holiday Fees are included for the following dates: 

New Years Day, Memorial Day,

Easter Sunday, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, 

Christmas Day and New Years Eve

Photo's of our vacation guests can be found

on our Facebook Business Page.

Remember to bring the following at Drop-off:

  • Collar with Leash
  • Food for length of stay (bowls and bedding we provide)
  • Crate/brush/records/medication/supplies as needed
  • Total Payment in Cash - (Personal Checks not accepted)

As a reminder:

  • We do not allow females in season or dog's who are incontinent/mark or unsocial.
  • We ask that you please bring your dog(s) to our door on a leash.
  • Please feel free to allow your dog to relax/release from the car ride in the front yard.
  • Also if we don't answer the door right away, it's just that we're sorting the dogs out so as not to have you mobbed at the door.  (Lilbit & Sparky - our early warning system are mob enough)

  • Please give us a call when your headed our way if your earlier than expected on drop-off or pick-up day, we want to be sure to have your dog ready (no treats or water an hour before pick-up to avoid car sickness) and other dogs safely out of the way, but do not want to keep them cooped up waiting your arrival.
  • If your on Facebook please remember to "Like" us before you travel to see your dog's photo's and how their getting along and enjoying their time away for vacation stays.
  • Photos of our vacation guests may take up to 3-5 business days to process and are not guaranteed, but considered a complimentary service provided to our clients.
  • Please share our links below with your emergency contacts, family, friends and vet as well.
  • Will any other charges be due at Pick-up?  
    • If you forget their food - we charge $5.00/day for up to 4 cups of food (dry/soft)
    • If dog runs out of food - we charge $2.50/day for up to 4 cups of food (dry/soft)
    • If you extend service beyond your reservation, additional fees may be due
    • If dog becomes soiled due to illness or incontinence - we charge $10 for bath each occurrence
    • If dog has discharge, marks or is found to be incontinent - $5/Day Sanitary Fee
    • Cost of diapers, wraps, bandages, cones, belly bands other personal supplies as incurred
    • If dog is dropped without proper paperwork - $5/Day Special Handling Fee per dog.
  • In case of injury or illness, we will notify the owner or emergency contact provided, to report and gain direction before taking further action.  If it appears to be life threatening and we receive no response from contacts provided, then personal vet will be consulted unless otherwise directed. See Rules & Requirements

  • If dog dies while in our care - your Emergency Contacts will be expected to retrieve the dog immediately on your behalf.  If Emergency contact unavailable, dog will be taken to dog's personal Vet at Client's Cost unless otherwise instructed.  All costs incurred related to dog's passing, including special clean up/sanitizing, transport, replacement or any other Cost incurred will be Owner's financial responsibility with payment due immediately upon notification.
  • Can I check in?  You can call, message, text  or email us to check on your dog during their stay, responses may be limited to our listed business hours.

  • What is considered "damage"?  Chewing, tearing or clawing thru carpets, furniture, structures or fixtures; constant "marking" or "vomiting" causing permanent damage; leakage, discharge or seepage from dog causing permanent damage.  NOT de-stuffing, shredding or attempting to eat dog toys, chewing thru collars and leashes or attempting to get into garbage or food - these are expected within reason and not at issue.
  • Personal QuirksLetting us know your dog is teething or loves "balls" even on the Christmas Tree or "knows no boundaries with food", burys items inside or out, or personal reactions to fright, will help us better manage their behavior and avoid any issues by removing temptations or concerns before their arrival or during their stay if possible.
  • Late Arrivals:   We do not charge late fees, however additional fees will be Due for extending services beyond reservation timing. We cannot release dogs after hours and will charge an additional nights stay payable on scheduled pick-up after 8am the following morning.

    All drop-off/pick-ups are by Appointment Only (not a time range); We Do Not have an open door policy and may not be available if your arrival does not match our schedule - please call ahead

  • Your consideration of our family, home and other guests is greatly appreciated.

    Safety & Security of our Family & Guests is a top priority - Active Cameras are in use on premises

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5699 Sherwood Drive
Milford, OH 45150

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