Wish you had that pose? 

We have a New Photo Service in 2014 for our private guests and their Owners to view the various poses, looks and interactions we've captured over the years.

Repeated requests into specific poses or shots have encouraged us to offer our collection at a "per pose rate" to our private Owners only. All offerings are for services or consulting fees on an "as is" final sale basis, with actual prints or final product achieved by Owner and not provided by Oz Will through Cash/PayPal fees paid to our service.

Contact us if you would like to make arrangements to view our selection of your pet's poses. (513) 319-6880.

Note: Fees are a flat "per pose" rate with a Handling charge for collection requests from prior years. We're still working out our process but hope to send emails to our 2013 clients announcing our new offering. We can release poses via email and accept Cash/PayPal payments to release final choices. Contact us with interest - no photo released without Owner's approval. Only Owners on file with our service will be emailed.


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